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A note from the founder

As a bassist dissatisfied with products available on the market, I designed and built the first Acoustic Image amplifier for my own use more than a decade ago.

Since then, we have refined our designs, developed new technologies, and quietly expanded our product line to meet the needs of all acoustic and electric musicians… bassists, guitarists, violinists and other stringed instrumentalists, keyboardists, brass/woodwind players, and vocalists.

But our philosophy, focus, and basic concepts remain unaltered.

Acoustic Image products are designed and built to meet the specific needs of professionals for natural-sounding, powerful, practical sound reinforcement with high fidelity and unsurpassed transparency.

To put it another way, our commitment to you is to make products that offer better sound, based on better technology — and to stand behind each one of them.

The only way we know how to meet this commitment is to custom design our products …to build every amp and combo in the U.S.A. carefully and one-at-a-time…to thoroughly and strenuously test each one before it leaves our hands…and to offer the industry’s best warranty.

We also carefully select the retailers who will represent us. So we believe you can be confident that, wherever you purchase Acoustic Image products, you will be well treated.

Dr. Rick Jones,
President, Acoustic Image

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